Research Team

Dr. Shani Samuel

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Effect of Growth Factors and Acidic Microenvironments on Discogenic Differentiation

Dr. Kevin Behan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Injectable Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal Regeneration

Dr. Marcos Barcellona

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Development and Characterisation of Injectable Gene Activated Biomaterials

Dr. Soraya Salinas

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Development of bioinks and biomaterials for musculoskeletal regeneration

Chiara Borrelli

PhD Candidate

Development and Functional Assessment of a Decellularised Injectable Biomaterial Combined with Nasal Chondrocytes for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration

Emily McDonnell

PhD Candidate

In Silico Modelling and Development of Physiologically Relevant Organ Culture Systems for Assessment of Intervertebral Disc Cell-based Therapies

Tugdual Haffner

PhD Candidate

3D Printing of Fibrous Electroconductive Biomaterials with Controlled Architectures for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Niamh Wilson

MAI Candidate

Design, fabrication and modelling of a high-throughput organoid-on-a-chip to assess nutrient microenvironmental effects for intervertebral disc regeneration

Caoimhe Murphy

MSc Candidate

4 Axis Printing for Engineering Intervertebral Disc Replacements


Former Lab Members